Women Improve Sex & Cure Urinary Incontinence... Orgasm Shot® or O-Shot®

What Women Say After Having the O-Shot®

Although each woman’s experience can be different, here's a list of some of the things that patients have experienced following the O-Shot®.
  • Greater arousal for clitoral stimulation
  • Younger, smoother skin of the vulva (lips of the vagina)
  • A tighter introitus (vaginal opening)
  • Stronger orgasm
  • More frequent orgasm
  • Increased sexual desire
  • Increased ability to have a vaginal orgasm
  • Increased natural lubrication

Decreased pain for those who suffer from:

  • Dyspareunia (painful intercourse)
  • Chronic Interstitial Cystitis
  • Surgical Mesh Pain
  • Lichen Sclerosus
  • Decreased urinary incontinence

Women's Sexual Pleasure Disorders

Female Sexual Arousal Disorder (usually but not always accompanies Sexual Desire Disorder). Women who suffer with this may want to have sex but have much difficulty finding the pleasure of arousal. The 5% incidence doesn't sound like much until you think about it--that's the same as 1 in 20!

Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder (Low desire). Remember, this is not counted as a disorder unless it's disrupting the woman's life. Around 10% of women suffer with this problem. Important: Suffering with a sexual disorder can have a great impact on many areas of your life. Better sex leads to more energy, more creativity, increased confidence, less depression, and improved overall health.​

Female Orgasmic Disorder: Again around 1 in 20 (or 5%). Here women can become aroused but have much difficulty with orgasm. This can be so frustrating that sex becomes a frustration that they avoid.​

Dyspareunia: Here the woman suffers with real pain with sex (not from decreased lubrication or vaginal spasm). The incidence is from around 1 in 10 to 1 in 5 women.

Genital Mismatch can contribute to both Female Orgasmic Disorder and Dyspareunia​.

The truth is that sometimes, like every other part of the body, the vagina can be damaged (child birth, surgery, trauma, etc…) or simply not function optimally as mentioned above.

O-Shot Procedure​

First the provider or assistant helps you apply a numbing cream to the vaginal area. While the numbing cream is working, we draw your blood. Then, using a centrifuge and a special method, platelet rich plasma (PRP) is isolated that contains numerous growth factors. Then, using a very thin needle, the growth factors are injected into the clitoris and upper vagina into an area most important for the sexual response, the O-Spot. Because these areas have been numbed with the anesthetic cream, the woman feels little or no pain.

PRP has been used effectively for a variety of treatments for more than 20 years. Over 500,000 procedures involving the injection of PRP into various parts of the body have been performed with no significant side effects or complications reported (unlike the granuloma formation that happens with other accepted procedures).

How Does The Rejuvenation Process Work?​

When PRP is injected, stem cells multiply and grow new younger tissue. In the same way PRP regenerates the skin of the face, it also regenerates healthy vaginal tissue. So, using this same technology, the O-Shot® procedure works by using PRP to stimulate stem cells to grow healthier vaginal tissue. And, the whole procedure for processing the blood and injecting the growth factors takes place during a short visit in our office! We mix calcium chloride into your PRP to trigger the platelets to release at least 8 different growth factors that then trigger the multi-potent stem cells to grow younger tissue. The woman usually enjoys the effects of the O-Shot® almost immediately as the growth factors begin to rejuvenate and enhance the sexual response. So, the O-Shot® (or Orgasm Shot®) is a nonsurgical procedure that uses the growth factors each woman has in her own body to stimulate vaginal and clitoral rejuvenation to activate the Female Orgasm System. Thus far, almost all women receiving the O-Shot® procedure enjoy an increase in their sexual response, and for many the increase is dramatic.

Please Beware! The Orgasm Shot® (O-Shot®) procedure is a very specific method of using blood-derived growth factors to rejuvenate the vagina to help relieve women with urinary incontinence and sex problems. Done in the wrong way, results could be useless or worse. Any physician or nurse practitioner who qualified, joined, & who continues in good standing with our group of O-Shot® providers will be listed on the O-Shot® website. Anyone who is not listed on the website is not a member of our group and is not certified to do the procedure.

We were trained by the Inventor of the O-Shot® Procedure, Dr. Charles Runels, MD. Only providers listed on the O-Shot® website know the trade secrets of the O-Shot® Procedure.

The O-Shot® lasts up to 3 years or longer in some women. But, the average seems to be about 18 months.

We’re excited to bring this new service to you. Helping rejuvenate your natural vaginal tissue. Bringing back greater arousal from clitoral stimulation, younger and smoother lips of the vagina, a tighter vaginal opening, stronger orgasms, more frequent orgasms, increased sexual desire, decreased pain for those experiencing pain from painful intercourse, surgical mesh, lichen sclerosus or chronic interstitial cystitis, increased natural lubrication and decreased urinary incontinence.

Vampire FaceLift: $1,500

Vampire BreastLift: $1,800

O-Shot: $1,200

Priapus Shot (P-Shot): $1,900

Come see us today. Give us a call. We look forward to serving and helping you.